Getting Started with Sebba Shade 8x12

First time users of Sebba Shade, please review the information provided here before attempting to use Sebba Shade.

Step 1: Review all material below

Step 2: Practice/ pump up your Sebba Shade on land.  Never attempt to use Sebba Shade on a boat without first getting to know the product on land.

On this page:

  • 8x12 Product Manual
  • Opening the Box
  • Using the Straps
  • Setting Up On Boat
  • Using the Pump Valve Adapter
  • Recommended Pumps
  • Float Mat
  • Strut Airflow Control & Troubleshooting

Product Manual:

Opening the Box: 


Using the Straps: 

Setting up on boat: 


Using the pump valve adapter: 


Inflated Sebba Shade:

A properly inflated Sebba Shade should be stiff and sturdy.  If there is any sagging or if the tubes can bend, then it is not inflated correctly. Ensure that your pump is set to at least 6.5 PSI but no more than 8.0 PSI and that air is not leaking from the pump hose during inflation. See the pump valve adapter section above.


Pumps are sold separately. Any kiteboarding pump or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) style pump will work with Sebba Shade. There are dozens to choose from. Check out your local paddleboard or kiteboarding store, or Amazon.  Electric pumps should always be a two-stage pump, for faster inflation.

Listed here are a few pump options for purchase on Amazon.  Any of these will inflate Sebba Shade in 1-3 minutes.  Prices as of Feb 24th, 2023.

Basic Hand Pump, $39:

ADVANCED ELEMENTS Double Action Pump w/Pressure Gauge

Hand Pump  


Corded Electric Pump, $89

Electric pumps will connect to a 12 V DC receptacle (cigarette lighter). Since a boat's receptacle may be corroded, it is best to have the option to connect the cord directly to the boat's battery terminals with alligator clips.

Seamax SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump

Electric Pump


Cordless / Rechargeable Electric Pump, $150

TOPUMP 7500mAh Rechargeable 20PSI High Pressure Electric SUP Air Pump

Cordless Pump


Alligator Clips, $9.95 (optional)

If you already own a two stage electric pump with a 12 V cigarette lighter plug only, you may want to purchase alligator clips to connect directly to the boat's battery terminals.

NOCO GC017 15A 14AWG 12V Adapter

Alligator Clips


Float Mat:

Sebba Shade Float Mat

Both the 8x12 and 6x9 can be used as float mats (8x12 shown above). When using as a floaty, the strut shut off devices must be closed for safety purposes. A strut is one of the two center cross sectional tubes.

Squeeze each of the two shutoff devices (watch video below) to stop air flow between the perimeter tube and struts. Should there be a puncture, then only one section will deflate. The other two inflated sections will keep you afloat.

Strut Shut off Devices - controlling airflow into struts:

Troubleshooting: If air isn't flowing into a strut during inflation, then the strut shutoff device is likely closed. Watch this video to restart the flow.

Why is the Strut Shut off Device there?

1) When using Sebba Shade as a float mat (floaty).

2) To close off sections of the inflatable bladders when locating and repairing a leak.