Getting Started with Sebba Shade

First time users, please review the information provided here before attempting to use Sebba Shade.

Step 1: Review all material below

Step 2: Practice/ pump up your Sebba Shade on land.  Never attempt to use Sebba Shade on a boat without first getting to know the product on land.

On this page:

Setting up on boat:


Using the Straps: 

Inflated Sebba Shade:

A properly inflated Sebba Shade (8.0 PSI) should be stiff and sturdy. While traveling at higher speeds, Sebba Shade must be positioned as shown in photo below (in the aft position). DO NOT hang Sebba Shade over the bow (front of boat) while traveling fast. The wind will cause it to bend and block your sight.

If there is any sagging or if the tubes can bend, then it is not inflated correctly. Ensure that your pump is set between 7.0 and 8.0 PSI and that air is not leaking from the pump hose during inflation. See the pump valve adapter section above.

Float Mat:

Sebba Shade Float Mat

Both the 8x12 and 6x9 can be used as float mats (8x12 shown above). 

Strut Shut off Devices - controlling airflow into struts:

Troubleshooting: If air isn't flowing into a strut during inflation, then the strut shutoff device is closed. Watch this video to restart the flow.

Why is the Strut Shut off Device there? To close off sections of the inflatable bladders when locating and repairing a leak.



The included hand pump is all that is needed to inflate Sebba Shade. If you prefer an electric pump, make sure to purchase one with the correct hose nozzle to attach to Sebba Shade. Any 'kiteboarding' style pump will work with Sebba Shade. Cordless electric pumps should always be a two-stage pump, for faster inflation.

The Sebba Shade hand pump inflates Sebba Shade to 8.0 PSI in about 2 minutes. Electric pumps (sold elsewhere) will take about 2-3 minutes to inflate to 8.0 PSI.

Cordless Electric Pump example, $129:

AIRBANK 20PSI Paddle Board Pump