About Us

The Inspiration Behind Sebba Shade

Sebba Shade (pronounced seb-buh) was invented out of necessity by friends living in St Petersburg, FL. We wanted to address a common problem for boaters: the need for effective sun protection & more shade to take a break from the relentless heat!

Like others, we tried beach umbrellas, tarps, towels; anything to create more shade for our family & friends. We searched the internet but there are few solutions and none we liked. We wanted something that didnโ€™t exist. We would have to invent it.

Determined to create a solution that was both functional and stylish, while also being easy to use and install, we got to work. It had to be rigid and strong, but light as air. Movable, rotatable, flexibleโ€ฆto be placed anywhere on a boat at any time. It had to be easy to put up and take down. It had to cantilever over the sides.

After several years of R&D, we launched our product in 2022. It has solved our boat shade problems and it will solve yours too. We hope you love it!


Enhance the boating experience, recognizing the substantial investment and costs associated with the boating lifestyle. By facilitating prolonged and frequent boat usage, we provide boaters with heightened comfort, reaffirming the value of their decision to embrace this lifestyle.

The Evolution of the Boat Shade.

Fabric Bimini Top

In the 1950s, the advent of the fabric bimini top marked a significant milestone in boating history, offering sailors a game-changing solution for sun protection and shelter. Made from durable canvas or vinyl, these tops provided a lightweight and versatile way to stay shaded on the water, revolutionizing leisure boating and extending the enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Center Console T-Top

In 1990, the introduction of the center console T-Top reshaped the boating industry, offering anglers and recreational boaters a revolutionary design that combined functionality with style. This innovative structure, typically made from sturdy aluminum or fiberglass, provided overhead protection from the elements while maintaining an open deck layout. With its sleek profile and integrated features such as rod holders and electronics mounting points, the center console T-Top quickly became a popular choice among boaters seeking enhanced comfort and utility on the water.

Inflatable Sebba Shade

Born out of necessity in St. Petersburg, FL, the Sebba Shade emerged to tackle the common plight of boaters: the need for effective sun protection. Frustrated by existing options like beach umbrellas and tarps, its creators set out to invent a solution that was both functional and stylish. The result? A lightweight, yet sturdy canopy that can be easily installed and adjusted to provide shade wherever it's needed on a boat. The Sebba Shade redefines sun protection for boaters with its versatility and ease of use.

Got to the Sandbar and popped this up and was great! Instant shade all day, only problem was keeping everyone off my boat!

Frank Masterson

You can move this around your boat as the sun moves. Its so light and easy to use but the shade canopy is huge!

Susan Barrier

How's It Work?

Want to find out everything there is to know about our Sebba Shade? Awesome! Come visit the How's It Work page to learn more!